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Signing Einstein: Home

CD Cover (small)

They say that good music stands the test of time. I sure hope that's true. You see, this project started to get organized way back in 1999 and was released as a 10-song CD in May of 2001.

Time passes very quickly when you're distracted with life's many journeys. Vince and I haven't worked together much since then, but have remained the "brothers" we've always been in our nearly 30-year friendship. Gina, being Vince's cousin, is never too far away, either.

This project was about the idea of signing "Einsteins" (the best people in their field) to a vision; focusing on a concept to develop each tune into it's own little "movie" starring different characters, themes, settings, and moods. So that's what happened.

Vince, Gina, and I, along with our friends Dave Uhrich (guitars), Jim Godsey (engineer), Abdul Hakim (guitar samples), Randy Harrah (drum samples), and Tony Nuccio (visuals), set out to create an album filled with subtle nuances.

We hope you take some time to dive into the tale behind each song using the Music section of this site. (click on the song name to view it's lyrics and biography).

Enjoy your time listening, reading, and learning about the twists and turns of each adventure. Who knows; maybe it's time we gather up the "Einsteins" again and release another set of stories for you to explore. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Joe Nuccio