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Signing Einstein: Music

Edward Teach

(Signing Einstein)
Nuccio (BMI) / Varco (ASCAP)

ABOUT THE SONG ====================================


The story of the demise of Blackbird the Pirate!


 So many exhibitions in today's society tend to glorify the life and actions of the 18th century pirate. Costumes, amusement rides, and funny accents all contribute to twisting the history of what they really were - ruthless criminals. For this song, I wanted to take a different view.


 Commissioned by the British in 1718, Captain Maynard was determined to hunt down and kill the legendary pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. This historically accurate song depicts the pirate’s last battle and what happened to his body afterwards.


 We set to sea,


The gallows are waiting,

For the menace of the sea.


Dressed in black,

Six pistols cross his chest.

The captain of "Adventure",

Flaunts his Pirate's crest.


And we chant,

Edward Teach must die!

Edward Teach must die!


At light we strike,

And raise the Union Jack.

Tempt them to board,

Into a silent trap.


Face to face,

His pistol to my head,

But his flesh they ravage,

And the devil falls dead.


As they chant,

Edward Teach must die.

Edward Teach must die!


Post his skull at the fork of the river.

To the others "Beware!".

Fashion it into a bowl of silver.

Drink from it if you dare.

Edward Teach is dead.

Edward Teach is dead.