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Signing Einstein: Music

The Prey Of Nantahala Lake

(Signing Einstein)
Nuccio (BMI) / Varco (ASCAP)

ABOUT THE SONG ====================================


A look inside the twisted mind of terrorist Eric Rudolph.


In the mid 90’s, there was a string of unsolved bombings around Atlanta, including an abortion clinic. Also, the site of the 1996 Olympics had been attacked. The clues eventually led the authorities to look for Eric Rudolph; a self-proclaimed Christian claiming to be doing God’s work by attacking those he felt were killing the innocent. He failed to realize that he was doing the exact thing that he accused others of doing.


With his training in wilderness survival, he hid out in the mountains surrounding Nantahala Lake, North Carolina for several years successfully dodging several hundred FBI agents and a former Green Beret colonel. Many felt he was receiving inside information in order to stay one step ahead of the law.


This is a song from what I imagined was his distorted mindset. The tale takes the listener through the arrogance, fear, and twisted reasoning of a madman. Several biblical references are hidden in the lyrics along with the fact that his brother indeed cut off his own hand in protest to the hunting of Eric Rudolph. The “trail of tears” and “midday sunrise” phrases refer to other names for the region and the struggles of the American Indians who were forced out of the area.


The song was written years before Rudolph was eventually found and captured by a loan police officer who found him digging in the garbage. He was tried and convicted of his crimes and sentenced to life in prison. To that, all I have to say is, “Thank God.”



Shine, all Your light around me.

Breathe on the lake.

Here, summit forests shade me,

Dweller of the caves.


Terrorist of the city,

I walked alone.

A fear to the reapers,

Of the seeds that had been sown.


Stalked by man and beast,

And soon by winter’s wrath,

I roam when I hear footsteps,

Creep along my path.


I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.

I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.


Stars, by the billions gleaming.

Heaven lights my way.

Trials, of survival training, versus

Agents and Beret.


In this wilderness of plenty,

I’m a thief in the night.

Filled with the thrill of fear,

Will I flee or fight?


Combing through a sea of trees,

Am I near or far?

With scent and sight, they cannot find me,

‘Cause I know where they are.


With a thousand eyes,

They search in vain.


For the prey of Nantahala Lake.

I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.

I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.


In the land, of the midday sunrise,

The “Trail of Tears” will turn,

When, they grow tired of waiting,

I will return.


Terrorist of the city,

Though I’ll stalk alone,

A brother’s hand falls to prove,

The believer’s camp has grown.


Legend says they’ll realize,

When they fall upon the stone.

When the innocent are forced to pay,

Generations are never known.