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Signing Einstein: Music

Hit Me Like A Train

(Signing Einstein)
Nuccio (BMI) / Varco (ASCAP)

ABOUT THE SONG ====================================


Crossing the Line


You know it’s wrong, but you do it anyway. The warning signs are everywhere, but you can’t help it. Just this one time; just this one more time. Then… Bam!


Through the night,

Hidden love,

Sit tight,

Just lying low.



Light rain,

Seemed safe,

But the gates were down.


I heard the warnings,

But I wouldn’t listen.

It’s just not love anymore.


I heard the sirens,

Howl in the distance,

Still sneakin’ around.


You hit me like a train.


Hell bent on saving it all.




Caught in the light,

I was just along for the….



Forbidden love.

Sit tight.

Just lying low.


Couldn’t wait,

Taste the bait,

Seemed safe,

But the gates were down.



Well, I’m blinded.

Standing on the tracks like a fool.


I’m begging,

Crawlin’ over ties.

Feel the wheels grind,

Tried to put the brakes, on the train.


 (Runnin, Hidin’.)