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Signing Einstein: Music

Love The Same

(Signing Einstein)
Nuccio (BMI)

ABOUT THE SONG ====================================


Somewhere along the way, the picture frame got to be more sentimental than the picture in it. You and someone else. Over and over again. The only consistent elements are the frame and you. Maybe that’s the problem.



When you get it all and it’s not enough,

When you find you’ve dreamed too far,

They’ll say you miss the love of a lover’s touch,

And may never know who they are.


Love should come from loving;

That may be true in time.

Did you bet it would be better, somehow,

Or did you miss the sign, And find it’s ……


Love, the same.

Why is this love just the same?

Staring at the same old frame,

Only the pictures change.


When you give it all and it’s not enough,

When you finally dreamed too far.

Somewhere below all the heavens above

You catch the next rising star.


Then go down to the hall,

Fall down on your knees,

Praying that the one who’s standing there,

Will give you what you need. But this is ….


It’s like the hangman giving you a choice of the rope,

Does it feel good to understand?

The cards you hold when you pin all your hope,

On someone to deal the hand.


Still, I don’t want to go on pretending,

Hoping that we both might be again.

And I don’t want to go on reliving,

I would rather be in …….


What’s worth pretending?

What’s worse mending or letting go?

It’s bound to show,

That I might rather be in …….

Love, the same.